Codex Afternoon - 2005 by R. Kramoff


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Prismatic arc connects  two worlds                                 Dreams     fade upon waking -                               Hold tight and they will go-                            They linger if held loosely -                           we enter them -                                  we           become   them -                                 and they, us -                               -The Codex

Many people have had strange occurrences involving the Codex Seraphinianus .  The experience below is just one example.  We will be adding more accounts and other insights, in weeks to come. There are currently 3 known translations and translated parts of The Codex, but words are only the beginning of the power of The Codex.  Something truly amazing is going on here. There is much more to come!

Last summer I was very ill with meningitis, and I was in and out of a very high fever. At the time of my illness, I had never heard of Signor Luigi Serafini or seen any of his works. During my sickness I had quite a few hallucinatory dreams, some of them were freakish and grotesque and some rather tranquil and spiritually comforting. One dream that occurred repeatedly involved what looked like a silhouette of irregular wooden lattice work, like twigs and branches tied together, but just the silhouette of them. In the dark portions of the silhouettes were the images of some form of text. It was sort of squiggly, heavily dotted, cursive style text. It reminded me of Arabic, Syriac, or possibly one of Kingsley Read’s modernized alphabets, like the Shavian or Quickscript, if it had been written in more of a continuous cursive style. It reminded me of these scripts, but it wasn’t any of them.

***This next part is going to sound crazy, but please stick with me.***

Last December, I was visiting a friend outside Boston. She showed me a fancy book that she had. She said it was very expensive, very odd, and that I would probably enjoy it. The moment I opened the book I was astonished, because the book was filled with what looked like the text from the dream that I had during my illness. Of course the book was the Codex Seraphinianus. For the next two days I was not able to sleep. I just sat in various places around her house, petting cats and reading through the book. I did eat and drink some coffee and wine, but I stayed focused on the book. By the end of the first night, I began taking notes about the book. On the second day, I felt as though I was truly starting to understand what some of the text meant. I would first meditate on Signor Serafini’s amazing illustrations until I reached a buoyant almost trancelike state. I would visually scan the text and then slowly blur my eyes, similar to the way you view the “Magic Eye” type autostereograms. I would try not to stare directly at the text, but to look off to one side ever so slightly or to keep my vision blurred enough so that the text was just teetering at the brink of my perception. It was similar to reentering the state of consciousness that I was in during my bought with meningitis, and when I got there the meaning of the text would flood in. Sometimes I was able to capture the meaning of full sentences, verbatim and sometimes only the general sense of what they were conveying. Every time, I stopped to write down what I understood, my grip on the book was broken and I would have to start over again. By the end of that second day, I had deciphered the first chapter of the book. I slept for the next 24 hours and then through most of the following two days. My progress has been much slower since those first two days, but it has been steady. As of the first of April, 2009 I have deciphered the first three chapters of the book. This book has changed my life, and I believe it will eventually change the human race for the better. By the way, it's much more then just an encyclopedia. There is also a guide-book like quality to it with elements of philosophy, science, alchemy, enlightenment and an almost incomprehensible, weird molecular-spiritual evolution. Plus, it's quite funny.         - J.P. Harding

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The Book 

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Special thanks to illustrator R. Kramoff for allowing us to use his 2005 painting titled, Codex Afternoon.  The original painting, measuring 8 meters by 3 meters was commissioned by the Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library in Ontario, Canada.  The painting hung for 3 years until it was removed due to complaints by the family of a local politician. The complaints were regarding some of the images found in the Codex.  The library owns a 2 vol. 1981, Hard Cover First Edition, Franco Maria Ricci Editore, Milano, copy of the Codex Seraphinianus, valued at over 6000 CAD.